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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Strangely I doubt many practitioners of any martial art or fighting style would want to meet Ueshiba Sensei to try their best. Foremost for Aikido, as I see from a Judo perspective, is that it can go from zero to 100MPH when needed. Anyone who has seen video of Ueshiba or Shiba Sensei will understand that if the opponent reaches out he will be falling down and often be placed in a maiming position.

I have had the experience to use Judo 3 times in true fighting situations. The last time I was teaching high school at the age of 47. I had just finished a year of training after many years away from the sport. I weighed 155 pounds and stand 5'6". A student, 240 pounds, football player and champion wrestler decided to bear hug me from behind so his friends could take something from my desk. I was seated on a table. He grabbed me very hard. While seated I ducked my shoulder, breaking his grip, grab his right wrist and using a wrist lock led him around the table. He landed face down and I placed my left knee on his elbow. I told him that if he moved I would break his arm.

The class thought they saw me throw him 6' through the air. I explained that Joe was just jumping to keep up with his wrist. It was the best throw I've ever executed and it was done on instinct and training in judo. That is the core of all Martial Arts: training that allows simple and well-executed action to defeat attack.
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