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Re: "Islam is peace"

I've heard many westerners ask," If radical islamists are the terrorists in the world and are not true followers of their prophet, why do those who believe in peace and TRUE Islam not stand up and be more outspoken against those who are radical?"
Hi John good question,
Reading this I thought of something similar to the above. Here in Australia (also occured in USA I believe) in recent times we have had a very high number of child abuse cases in various (Christain) Churches. I have to say I didn't see many 'practicing' Christains standing up (in an organised way) and speak out against the church and their inaction/attempts to cover up or limit the damage at the expense of those abused. While the media reported this and everyone was of course against child abuse, not one 'group' of Christains/churchgoers organised into a group to speak out against this (that I heard of)!

I'm sure any half decent Christain would be against child abuse of any kind just as much as a half decent Muslim/Islamist would also be against this or the killing of persons under the guise of anything including Islam.
The answer for why this is so I cannot give you!! Just a thought.

Cheers from Australia
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