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Re: "Islam is peace"

Bill Danosky wrote:
I noticed how when people are running for union office, nobody says they're going to be the most moderate candidate ever. They say they're going to give management the Biggest Screwing Ever and immediately start getting radical.

This helped me understand how things like religion turn into terrorism when it comes down to playing the game of who gets the power.

Our country (the U.S.) was founded on some beautiful philosophical principals. And I bet that lasted about as long as the beginning of the first presidential campaign. Wow- we just found something in common with the Islamic extremists!
I like the attempt to find similarities here (rather than the usual litany of differences and "clashes of civilizations").

I see that Tibetan Buddhism teaches non-attachment to the material and I don't think I've ever heard of a corrupt Tibetan Buddhist.
Read a snide reference to the Dalai Lama by Christopher Hitchens (of Mother Theresa-bashing fame). Did a search on Tibet and came up with this less-than-sanguine take on the "peace-loving" Tibetans, alas:

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