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garry cantrell
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Re: "Islam is peace"

Bill Danosky wrote:
What keeps the people who are bombing, kidnapping and beheading from stopping and thinking, "Wait a minute, God wants me to go blow up myself and whoever is standing at this bus stop?"

um, er, bill, that whole thinking thing and religion don't always go together. belief systems aren't based on fact, or logic in particular, otherwise they'd be fact systems. and too many religions aren't even based on belief - rather control is the important point. think of historical and modern examples of execution for daring to question a particular tenent, much less adopt a variant view. its often easier to choose a course of action and then find a religious maxim to justify same. slavery, rape, genocide, theft, murder. its all been done in the name of one religion or another.

hmmmmm, the above seems more inflammatory than i meant it to be. certainly lots of folks expend a great deal of time and evergy examining and exploring their belief system, and are rewarded with a stronger faith or belief (though certainly not always - sometimes just the opposite) and lots of other folks simply view their creed as yet another set of rules necessary for society to work.

i think i agree with the earlier post (and if i could figure out how to review same while i'm typing this i'd give credit where credit is due) - bad people doing bad things.
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