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Re: "Islam is peace"

John, that's a fair question but I submit that it is not a question of radical Islamists doing bad things. It's bad people doing bad things. When those retards blew up the building in OK, no one proclaimed them as radical Christians although from what I understand their actions were based on some religious/political/social agenda. Along the same lines, people blow up abortion clinics "in the name of God". Is that Christ like?
As a Muslim I know these bad guys are not acting on any Islamic principles so there is nothing to defend. No one waged war against the KKK because they were practicing bad Christianity. It was because they were killing people.
Maybe we should be doing more to combat the incorrect messages the media is sending out, though.
For the most part I believe Muslims and Christians do denounce knuckle heads when necessary, we just don't hear about it because the vast majority of media outlets decide who and when to give air time to.
Just my thoughts.
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