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Re: "Islam is peace"

I have a question for those that are true followers of Islam:

I've heard many westerners ask," If radical islamists are the terrorists in the world and are not true followers of their prophet, why do those who believe in peace and TRUE Islam not stand up and be more outspoken against those who are radical?"

And it's a good question.

Cat Stevens, Josef Islam (sp?), converted years ago and has come under scrutiny for whatever reason. He is a follower of Islam and has spoken out only when provoked. I think the world could benefit from more muslims standing up for their religion and denouncing those that give Islam a bad name. I know if people were going around blowing others up in the name of Christianity, it would only strengthen my own faith and belief and would get me more out there and more vocal against such actions.

Am I wrong or arrogant to think this way? I dunno. I think it is an insteresting subject and worthy of discussion.... but a discussion that does not turn hateful. (*hint hint* not trying to piss anyone off here or start a 'flame thread'! *hint hint*)

PS: Siraj, I just re-read your post and I understand your feelings toward President Bush. Many in the middle east believe that this war with Afganistan and Iraq is over oil. I respectufully disagree. I think many in the world would like us to believe that, but how can it be true... and yet the Saudi Royal Family are good friends with the Bush family and still allow the President to wage war?

Many accuse Bush and Cheney of making money for Halliburton, oil company, when it is my understanding that that company is the only one large enough to go in and make the repairs and get the production back up... in order for Iraq to make money and stand up independently again. Oil truly is their many source of income for ALL Iraqi's.

I don't want this thread to turn into an anti-war or anti-oil thing. I am asking about the relgious aspect and why followers of the Prophet do not do more against those that kill in His name?

Honest question and I submit it with all due respect.

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