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Re: "Islam is peace"

you are right. There was a split after the Prophet Muhammad died over who was the rightful successor. But that IMHO is only part of the issue. To me the issue has always not been of faith (Islam) but of culture. Muslims are no different than Christians. There is good, bad, and ugly. The media portrays the bad and ugly as Muslim issues when it is really about cultural issues. Christians (and other denominations) commit attrocities but they are never identified by their denomination. So a lot of this is media hype. In the US when you have a Black man, in an orange jail suit, made to look menacing, on the nightly news or on a magazine cover, it incites emotions. The media is doing the same with Islam. They are bonding Islam, radicalism, terrorism, militancy, etc all together to incite emotions.
If these idiots were identified by their culture (geo/political/ethnic) instead of their faith, the tone of discussions would be entirely different. Probably less polarizing and sensational.
And yes, David...the teachings of Islam, Aikido, Yoga, Buddhism, etc are all basically the same when you strip them down to their essence. What they're covered in are the only differences.
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