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Amir Krause
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Re: Adult Ranks for Children

I can not write about Korindo Aikido and kids in genral - I do not know.

My Sensei, always taught adults, even when he did let 12/13 years old to join the class, they joined as adults. This means they were to train and behave just like anyone else, and if they proved worthy of rank, they got it (since he normally only held 1st kyu and Dan ranking - the few who got that far were over 16 and almost 18 by then, and are great aikidoka lots of years after ).

In my opinion, the ranking should equate the training:

If they practice like adults, perform Ukemi like adults (often, much better, kids love to jump and fly), perform technique like adults (beware, at 15-17, they get strength multiplication and uke joints should feel it), and of course, behave like adults. They should get the same recognition as adults - same ranks, same tests and same respect for achievments.
If there is a different framework and they do less, the ranks, recognition etc. should be adjusted accordingly.

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