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Zoe S Toth
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Do symbol Adult Ranks for Children

Hello all!

I'm rather curious about other Aikido dojo policies on testing children (think around 1st year of High School so I guess 'teenagers') for adult ranks. We've got a group of kids that last year made Gokyu, the first adult rank in our dojo, and they seem to be pretty excited about testing in a month or so.

Problem is how they act though. They stand around talking until someone prods them to actually do the tecnique but I guess kids by their nature have a problem keeping on task. I find it a bit laudible that they would test for yonkyu- serious adults have to train twice a week for a year to get that. Of course our Sensei is so spastic about testing you are never sure exactly what you are testing for.

I guess the question I'm curious in is, in part, what does a rank mean? Should these kids be held to adult standards now that they are out of the kiddie belt system?

Also, does a belt rank mean you have a certain amount of knowledge or are at a certain point in your journey?

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