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Re: How to Leave a Dojo?

Pride and shame never filled anyones belly. I don't tninkit does much for bolstering the spirit either.

Being able to open up and speak with your sensei about this shows great character. Maybe your sensei thinks this way and maybe they don't. The willingness and ability to place oneself in a vulnerable position is an essential part of aikido training (at least I think so).

Having been unemployed for the last eleven months, and counting, I've been able to still manage but it has not been easy. My sensei knows all about my situation as do many of my dojo mates - dojo as community and all. I also can't imagine bartering services for dues as I, and many members of the dojo, do so many things for the dojo already. If I ever could not pay I know sensei would let it slide and I know this happens for other members as well. I would feel obligated to repay the balance when able.

Should you choose to leave be sure to explain how much you value the instruction you have recieved and that the decision to withdraw have nothing to do with aikido or the dojo or the members. Just leaving out of the blue is not going to cut it. I've done that and it ha sleft a scar that will not heal.

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