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Re: Did O Sensei influence Karate?

Bridget Chung wrote:
My partner does a style of karate called Shotokai (AKA shotoryu). Apparently their Harada sensei trained at the Hut with Abbe Sensei. And a lot of stuff they do is very close to aikido (aikikai), they even have a sort of version of unbendable arm.
It struck me as odd that the site you linked to described Abbe as "the well known judo and aikido master" and neglects to mention that he was also the first karate instructor to teach in the uk. (Besides aikido and karate, he also introduced kendo and kyudo to this country among other things, he was quite a polymath.)

It doesn't necessarily follow from Harada training with Abbe that he studied aikido as such, he may have been practicing his karate. (It would certainly be surprising if he didn't practice karate with Abbe, given that the two were possibly the only experienced karateka in the country at the time.)

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