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Re: Up on your toes: cleaning the gutters

Dan Richards wrote: View Post
David, where's your article? "Aikido Comes From Toddler Movement" I can't find it. Would like to read it.
That was on the aikido journal site.

It describes the "other" infant reflex I mentioned, which uses the whole foot and illustrates the actual spontaneous response to gravity that I think lies at the deepest root of aikido technique.

In other words, the "Heaven-Earth-Man" balance is first a matter of standing straight between heaven and earth. In growing up, people are conditioned not to stand up straight and they find it rather difficult to really "stand up straight" because they don't understand the various muscular and connective tissue tensions they have developed inside their torso.

When we go back to the infant standing reflex (not the walking reflex), we see why it is easily simple for the body to stand very nicely erect between heaven and earth. So that reflex is fundamentally human and it's also fundamental for aikido, tai chi, xing yi and bagua.

You can understand much more about the primary reflexes and their place in adult reflexes if you read Moshe Feldenkrais' book "Body and Mature Behavior".


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