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Up on your toes: cleaning the gutters

I've been working on a "kit" of tools that allow for body/energy transformation. The kit is purposely simple, and at places where it's not, or unclear, I'm retooling and boiling down to just the essentials.

I've established "skin is structure." The simple idea that the skin of the body is the same as the skin on a drum. Tune it up, and it will align not only the body, but also any techniques executed.

"Creating the disc" establishes the outer hip circle and the inner sacral circle - which, together, form the disc. The core is contained in the inner part of the disc. And I'll write more on that later.

This next tool in the kit allows for drainage of any held energies - especially in the lower torso, pelvis, and legs. It's very simple, and we're taking the tip from babies as they progress from first putting their feet on a surface and then learning to walk.

The movement is simply to spend time "up on your toes" - with emphasis on the big toe. Even a few minutes a few times a day will produce a marked difference in a short time. This will release and decouple physical, mental, and emotional energies, and allow for a more "well oiled" machine that can be moved from the core. This is literally "cleaning the gutters" so that held energy is removed, and new energy can flow freely.

Erick Mead scouted an excellent video of a baby putting its toes on the ground, as it begins in the initial stages of aligning itself with upright standing and motion.

Aikido movements begin with irimi. And the big toe holds the key to entering the door.

Comments and feedback appreciated. Cheers...

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