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Re: Understanding Aikido

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
Life is filled with paradoxes, contradictions, and double binds.

That's part of the training.

How do we understand (accept, enter, and blend) with them?

Hi Lynn.
Nicely presented column as usual.

In response to the just get on and train philosophy I would say that's missing an important point. Communication.

In training the word connection is used but that is merely learning to be in communication with. Writing for discussion is also learning how to be in communication with. One big correlation right there I would say.

Add to that that without communication there can be no understanding you can see how I'm tying it in with your column.

In response to the question above I would personally say this: All the paradoxes and contradictions we come across are apparent. They may be viewable and called real but still I say they are apparent. Why?

Because as some wise man said 'The truth will set you free.'

By this I mean there is always a truth, a principle, beyond that apparent contradiction which when discovered releases you from the conflict. It now makes sense, is understandable and usually then obvious.

I don't like being caught in two minds so to speak but I enter with the faith that if I carry on learning, staying in communication without fighting the apparent contradiction then I will eventually hit the underlying truth and realize where I was going wrong.

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