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In the post-WWII period from whence we get most of our photographs of Ueshiba, swords were not the kind of thing you would carry around or display in public.
The one photo of the founder I have with shinken is definitely post war

I imagine if you were trying to maintain your ability to do your work to harmonize the heavens and the earth you would not pose for a lot of photos with a sword....if you had a more down-to-earth, college-educated son trying to build a martial arts organization around your teachings he might find a way to keep your sword off camera in those days as well.
Well it is a theory. Do have you any evidence to its correctness? Questions come to mind such as why hide photos with shinken while allowing photos with bokken?

That's just speculation but regardless, I can't credit the lack of photographic evidence of Ueshiba wielding a sword as proof that Aikiken is a system that uses a short staff or club to explore the principles of aiki.
In Iwama bukiwaza, the bokken is not used used as a short stuff or club. There are plenty of videos of Saito Morihiro doing ken suburi and kumitachi, have a look.

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