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Re: It's getting annoying..

the time limit to edit my last post has expired and I just read this post.

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From your post, I see two issues. The first is "getting exercise," for which there are plenty of solutions. Done right, aikido isn't great as exercise anyway. Join a gym, study another art, go running with your dog, whatever.

The second is that you feel like your own training is suffering because you're working with beginners all the time. For that, I agree with the consensus. It's a different kind of training, sure, but beginners have a lot to teach.

in my previous dojo, I got more exercise than I could've wished for that I had to sit and rest on the edge of the mat some of the times because most of the students are so full of energy and looks ready to spend all of them on the mat.

I'm not only looking for exercise, but I also love the feeling when I do an aikido technique correctly (precise movement, timing, balance keeping and taking, etc). that's why if possible I'd like to train hard in the dojo. I've tried going to the gym and jogging, but they don't give me the same feeling I get in the dojo..

when I tried going to the only judo dojo in my town, it turns out that the people are not nearly as nice as the people in aikido dojo.

I went to a taekwondo class too but not for long, because sensei started asking me to teach a class on the same schedule as the taekwondo class.

I also went to a kungfu and muay thai class but the teacher had to close down the class because his job is taking too much of his time

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