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Re: Viva la resistance!

Michael Gelum wrote: View Post
Mr. Hill,

Thank you for posting this, Yamaguchui Shihan rocks! This is an excellent demonstration !

While I think it falls short of practical application to a combat scenario, it still provides the experience of the "pucker factor". Far from the " oh shit pucker factor" yet, " it ain't working ", so, adapt and redirect.

Again, thank you.

Mr. Lawrence,

You are absolutely correct, Uke is a dojo component, not a real-life opponet. Dojo ballerinas will dance for you no matter how badly you play.

Train well,

In this instance "dojo ballerinas" will stop you dancing at all costs, that's the point of the exercise, to test how much power you can generate and if you can apply it correctly. And actually it's not a bad representation of what most people try to do when confronted with being throw, they go stiff and lock you down.

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