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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Burt Masem wrote:
Wow, this thread is still going strong.

I think I posted on this thread 5 months ago.

Anyway, my opinion on why aikido doesn't seem to work to well in the boxing ring is that aikido isn't made for winning "fights" It's goal is to keep physial agression from becoming a "fight"
It isn't designed for defeating opponents in the octagon, it's supposed to restrain/ground an attacker and prevent a fight from starting without hurting attacker or defender. I think this is why it works well with law enforcement.

principals and techniqes of aikido could work well in a fight no doubt, but wouldn't be an end in itself.

Just my two cents
feel free to criticise/argue/disagree with me
Well, it is interesting to note that Aikido shares some footwork one would normally find in a kickboxing system. The basic shuffle step, where the leed foot moves and then the rear foot catches up, also appears in western and Filipino boxing; my kali instructor refers to it as the "step and slide." And a step shuffle and 90 degree tenkan as found in gyaku hanmi katate-dori nikkyo ura isn't too far off from the "step and circle out" found in boxing. And yes, that footwork is sometimes done from an unmatched leed, which in Aikido is called gyaku hanmi! On top of that, any Aikido person who has done a technique where nage makes the first move and they act of uke's defense knows the overall strategy that ties kickboxing to trapping and grappling.

Of course Aikido doesn't have a kickboxing on gurad position and in spite of Atemi waza, doesn't do a lot of punching and kicking from that range. But is interesting that other atoms or elements of kickboxing are there, too.

Just my 2p.
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