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Re: Aikido does work great in a fight.

Dirk Hanss wrote:
Hi Mike,
I'ld appreciate, if someone would like to join us. Unfortunately there are not many training partners left
Yeah, and you have to bury them somewhere other than under the dojo; word is your neighbors are complaining about the smell. Don't you hate that?

I said "you should be ready and able to do it". We do not do it in training. Or let me say it this way: we start slowly and increase power and speed according to both training partners actual conditions. We have not gone so far to achieve knock-outs, but some "uffs" you could hear.

So yes, you're right. Safety first. There is no need to cripple people, in order to get them ready for "real fights". At least not in the environments, I live in.

Regards Dirk
I stand corrected.
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