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Re: Aikido does work great in a fight.

Michael Gallagher wrote:
... can't believe I'm keeping this thing alive .... Forgive me; I'm weak.
Well, at the moment it is getting funny, isn't it?

Michael Gallagher wrote:
Every so often you hear about frightening individuals who are immune to groin attacks. This does not mean you should give up on kicking to the groin -- just have a "plan B" in mind if they don't obligingly double over in pain.
And even if he is not immune, he might block or counter differently from what you expect. So never expect anything and always have a plan B, C, D, ...

Michael Gallagher wrote:
This is probably one of those things that varies from dojo to dojo; my impression is that since most techinques are off uke's lead hand, an atemi to the face is meant to give him something to think about so the rear hand doesn't fire and you have a second to get going. Just a thought.
Yes, thanks Michael.
Just analoguous to the part above. In case uke is not able to think or realises (thinks to realise), that you would never hit him/her seriously, but just want to keep the free hand busy, you must be ready and able to do a real atemi, or you better find other strategies to not getting hit by the free hand. Ideally you just change your technique (plan ZF, I guess) and use the "new attacking arm" for it. That might help even if uke is immune against lethal atemi

Regards Dirk
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