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Re: Black Belt????

I don't understand why martial artists feel the need to get defensive and/or smart when asked how long it takes to get a black belt.

When someone wants to know how long it takes to get a bachelor's degree, we tell them generally 4 years, although it can vary, depending on the degree, how heavy your class load is, whether or not you pass all your classes, what school you attend, and what your degree is in.

We don't smartly tell them that their goal should not be the degree itself but rather to learn their field, or that they can purchase a fake degree on ebay, or even tell them that a degree is just a piece of paper and in itself means nothing. But when asked about a black belt, we automatically assume the inquirer is an imbecile for even asking such a question and proceed to talk down to him.

You can see from the poll posted on the subject, the general consensus seems to be anywhere from 3-6 years, so I suppose a good answer would be about four-and-a-half years, and of course it varies from place to place.
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