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Re: Two centers making a connection or one- in a bujutsu body?

I just reread your first post. I agree with a lot you say. I think there is a time and a place for both kinds of training. Both ideas and others too have place in Aikido training.

Last night in class we were extending though uke as uke tried to walk worked well when uke didn't try to push nage with muscle. The second an uke used muscle her feet started gripping the mat and all was lost.

Ron extended and just before I met him he disappeared (that is what he felt like...of course he didn't really disappear) ...what a cool feeling as his extension reappeared and I was projected back after I was lured in.

That is how. We talk about experiences without belittling or degrading one another.
Okay. But...when you talk about your experiences in an Aikido dojo its fine. When I talk about my abilities and experiences they are coined as "advertising" or "bullying." So I try to never talk about the very real outcomes anymore. When any Shihan I have ever met tries anything on me it is neutralized and fizzles out and they stare at me. They cannot make any sort of successful response. This has also worked with many other Martial artists of all types. That's my experience.

If there were a time and a place for both-doesn't someone need to know both?

I haven't read of or seen anyone who discussed both approaches. Did I miss something?
The same body skill to neutralize aikido teachers works against others in other arts. It also works well with weapons.
The answer is not to extend through anyone. I don't project ki like that. I keep it balanced in me. Therefore I release no energy.
I make no connection-to anyone.
I do not expose or share my center with anyone
They have no access to it.
Where has that been discussed?
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