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Re: Aiki and Kokyu Ryoku

Hi Niall.
Just to add, when it comes to truth then we are talking universal. Universal truths or principles obviously apply to everything.

Aiki thus is about those universal harmonious workings of the universe from the atom and electrons etc to the stars and planets and to mother nature itself.

When you become aware of a truth as such you see it in operation both internally and externally, the same truth. You see it in operation in nature, in your own body, in life itself, in the wall in front of you, Aiki.

Of course others who have gone before have touched upon or realized these universal truths and even said so and demonstrated as much no doubt. But who can hear? Who listens? Most retranslate it as a selfish thing and thus it gets called from internal to secret power and no doubt lots of labels.

Seen in this light we can understand the use of internal being used historically for in the history of warlike peoples those families, groups, clans, or sects found how to use a few principles which made them 'superior' and thus kept it internal and secret. Thus mystifying it.

Due to the unenlightened human condition I'm afraid. The need to feel superior, to win over, to out do,
to dominate and control. To handle their own fear.

As for kokyu ryoku and breathing? Universally what is this? It's not some secret. Internal folks call this aiki like it's something special and thus miss the beauty of the universe. It's almost back to front calling this aspect aiki and thus a mix up of terminologies.

The universal principles of breathing are not to do with air entering the lungs for that is merely an effect of such a principle, one effect only. It is all part and parcel of universal Aiki but of itself is a major principle.

It is yin and yang, that's what the whole subject of breathing and breath is all about. The basic principles of inflow and outflow. It's not mysterious internal aiki for it is in operation in every living and non living thing, in every atom and every universe, in every action and every stillness.

To clear some more mystery I would say the understanding of such from a self centred view, a misinformed view, a view based on defeating opponents, would be it is about the theory of opposites.

Alas, in truth it is not. It is the theory of complimentary opposites. That is the concept to come to terms with and understand. It is breathing and clearing. Taking in and expanding out. Harmony.

So when a man demonstrates such things and says he is merely a vessel for the universal and is not trying to defeat or outwit or go against in any way what do others see? They see a man defeating others, superior, with special 'secret' powers he's not teaching. Thus they search for hidden clues.

Such a man would see the history and misuse of such principles and remove himself from such aims as it had been previously used for. And thus would come into being a new art that may look similar but is totally different as it is not all about self, it is universal.

Breath with your body, breath with your mind, breath with your spirit, breath with your soul and breath with your heart. Thus breathing with Ki takes on a new dimention for it is infinite and universal.

End of soapbox.

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