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Well then...likely we can blame it on Google Translate. Still, here is the original text, if it helps frame it definitively


Is this indeed a reference to Hajime?
Plugging 心身一元性を表す言葉は姿勢だった into Google Translate gives -

"Hazime Hazime word to describe the mental attitude was"

"Dr. Feldenkrais was Hazime Hazime of mind (somatic word) as a term to describe the concept of Japanese culture (Judo), I think he introduced the concept of attitude from the word I'm defining the term coined it!"

フェルデンクライス 博士は心身一元性(somatic word)の概念を表す言葉として、日本文化(柔道)から姿勢の概念を導入したのだと思います。
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