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Re: Poll: How important a goal do you feel is the "aikido" notion of defending yours

Steven Imboden wrote:
As compounding factors change, so will my ability to prevent damage. A single guy who's staggering over towards me saying I offended his honor is something where I could probably handle not hurting him or getting hurt in the process. But lets say I'm walking through a back alley and a group of, oh lets say, four guys with bats, knives, etc. (assuming I can't just turn and run), if it was like that, while I'd like to avoid hurting them, me personally at my skill (aikido and other skills), I'd have to try and hurt them to avoid being hurt or killed. Now if I was a 1,000,000th dan, and not a skinny bean-pole, I could probably get through without too much hurt.
I agree with you.
And that leads me to say that this "aikido notion" is meaningless:
if negating the damage you do to four knife wielding attackers while succesfully defending yourself, would be attainable, aikido would be very special in this respect. However, nobody seems to get beyond: if a drunk calls you names, don't break his neck. Well, duuh.

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