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Re: Freeform Bokken Drills to Develop Aiki Flow

Mike Patterson wrote: View Post
Damn Robert John! You talk as if I was dead! "had some skills" indeed!
Be well all of you. Wish I could have seen the videos in question... the thread may have been more interesting knowing the source material that started it all.
Hi Mike P,

Just wanted to say, a) nothing but respect for you and your kuoshu team! Props, especially for some nice KOs you have posted on Youtube

and b) I was referring to some vids that you used to have up a long time ago on the Hsing-i site. ( I don't know if you still do). I got my own personal thoughts on the vids posted then, but then again everyone's got opinions (like armpits).

20 years is a long time though, hell even 3 years is a long time and produces significant change.

I run my mouth off, so don't worry too much about me
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