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Originally posted by Gopher Boy
Hi all,

I, like Tom (or at least like Tom was ) am worried that by training with more advanced people I am limiting their enjoyment and progression in Aikido. I have trouble remembering the techniques and am not familiar with how they should look so I end up taking ukemi in the most bizarre ways. This, I fear SERIOUSLY undermines the training of my partner.

When I read the posts fom higher grades saying that they actually enjoy and benefit from training with beginners I am thrilled. However, there is still the feeling that whereas they might be able to practice a given technique 10 times each with a similarly ranked partner, my lack of understanding drasticaly drops that to about 2 or 3 times as I will need to be corrected and shown repeatedly.

I love my Aikido training but am still worried enough to only attend beginner's classes for the moment.
Hi and welcome!

As for those more advanced students:
a. they should be able to work the mat better than you, and avoid you if they want to, and train with each other if they want to. The fact that they instead are training with beginners just means they mean what we've been saying, that it is fun to do so.

b. There is no need for them to keep stopping you, correcting you, or in any other way delay training. If they don't know how to keep moving while helping you, they are not all that advanced. They can help you with how they take ukemi, no need to stop or waste time moving only the jaw.

c. There is no magic number of times technique should be done...a few slow, precise run throughs are better than lots of ones tossed off without thinking.
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