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Well, I am always surprised by the benevolence of Aikidoka and I very much admire it (if it's authentic).

As a matter of fact, training with beginners sucks.

I am the kind of person who likes training at the highest pace. If at the end of the class, my tongue is not touching the floor, I feel very bad about it and that I didn't train hard enough.

I myself avoid beginners' classes because they are so boring. Maybe they are good once every few month to refresh the basics a little, but doing them regularly couldn't be more boring.

I am very much annoyed by beginners attending the regular classes. They slow the whole class down. Teachers reduce the pace and the technical level to cope with them. We have to cope with them too and this brakes the rythm.

I am not discouraging beginners to attend higher classes, but one should be logical in life. If your Ukemi is not any good and you still feel confused about basic technics, what's the point of attending more advanced classes?

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