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Adam Walsh
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Hiya Tom.

It says your club is the London Aikido this Ryushinkan? I've trained there a few times after work with Kanetsuka Sensei and the people there are great.

I agree with a comment earlier that training with new people is great, I take each Uke as they come. If they're hard to work with then your technique needs to be performed well (one lesson), if your Uke is new to Aikido then you need to go slow which allows you to break down your technique in your own mind (two lessons) and if your Uke is co-operative you can work on Ma-ai (three lessons). Different people allow you to train on different aspects. Of course you're supposed to do all of these at the same time, but it doesn't always work like that. I'm a relative newbie myself, and forgive me for the dodgyness of this quote but my passion is in the path not the destination.

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