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Brian Vickery
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Thumbs down Re: Training with beginners

Originally posted by Tom

How do you more experienced Aikiodists feel about training with complete beginners? Does it take away from your enjoyment of the class?
Hi Tom!

...I look forward to working with newbies! It gives me the chance to see how my techniques would work on somebody outside the dojo! All uke's end up 'going' with the technique, they just can't help it! But a newby has NO idea what he's 'supposed' to do, so you must totally control him with the technique or he just stands there! You must also use control as to how hard you lock up uke's joints, again he has no idea what's happening, so you have to hold back just enough to keep from injuring him.

So don't sweat it, by being a newby you're actually helping the more advanced student learn! REALLY!!!


Brian Vickery

"The highest level of technique to achieve is that of having NO technique!"
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