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Training with beginners

I have recently taken up Aikido(literally only done 10 or so hours) and have instantly fallen in love with it. I am doing a beginners course but also want to do additional training. I spoke to my instructor about this and he suggested I go along to the general Aikido classes taken by the Sensei. I followed his advice and went to the class.

The students were all Shodan rank (I think this is the case as they all wore hakama) and I found this very intimdating. I enjoyed the class thoroughly although obviously I found it extremely difficult. My fear is that I am spoiling it for the students I am training with. My ukemi is obviously of a very low standard and I couldn't help feeling I was taking away the enjoyment from my partner (or at least limiting them in their technique as they had the extra concern of having to be careful not to accidentally kill this amature ). The Sensei tried to assure me that it is ok for beginners to train with more experienced students, I am still not convinced though.

How do you more experienced Aikiodists feel about training with complete beginners? Does it take away from your enjoyment of the class?
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