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Question Training iai as a part of aikido

I often hear and read that aikido is based on sword technique - the general consensus seems to be that by practicing iai one can improve his aikido as well. I am practicing aikido at Ban Sen Juku where iai is taught as a part of the curriculum - as such it is called aiki iai. I was wondering if any of you out there practice iai as a part of your aikido training as well - I don't mean next to it. I know the students of the late Nishio sensei do and call it toho iai. Just out of curiosity, if you do please post at what dojo you do it, how it is called, what it's main influences are or who developed it, etc.
Starting of with myself then;

Ban Sen Juku Aiki-iai; consists mainly of Eishin ryu and Hoki ryu kata's suplemented by a small number of kata's designed by Seiji Tomita shihan (usualy variations of existing kata adapted in such a way as to better fit tai-jutsu ideas).

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