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Re: Stop My Technique?

Mario Tobias wrote: View Post
... I guess we are undergoing the phases of shu-ha-ri.
But isn't shu ha ri process that takes place within the certain, given techiques?
Sure there is the phenomenon you can move freely, without any technique or creating a "new technique" every second. But as far as I understand this is not the indicator of having reached a "ri-stadium".

As far as I understand, shu ha ri are different levels of doing the seemingly very same.
There's a video of Endo I posted recently. The outer movements are (nearly) exactly the same like now. But what is "in" his technique is different. Can see it clearly. (I think it was just you who said so?)

Or looking at koryu: The kata don't change through transmission. When looking at videos of Sugino, isn't there something we call "ri" to be seen when he shows the very old patterns of his style?
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