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Charles Hill
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Re: Flinch Response in Aikido

Hi Brian,

That is my understanding of how Mr. Blauer thinks he is teaching the material. However, I don't think he is as rigorous in his research and presentation of the material as, for example, Joseph LeDoux, the scientist whom Blauer bases his stuff on. For example, there is an endorsement on Blauer's site by an LEO who says that during an altercation he "shot off a Spear" refering to the basic movement Blauer teaches. If the guy "shot" it off, then it is a technique and not really a flinch response. As it was chosen as an endorsement, it can't be just one guy's misunderstanding. I also found other examples of sloppiness. (IMHO, of course.)

So again, I don't think that is exactly what he is teaching, but it is what he seems to think he is teaching.

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