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Re: NLP in martial arts.

I love this post I think the discipline they really complement each other. It goes back to the fact that the human being is an integrate organism. Where all the parts are interconnect: mind, physical, emotional and also spiritual.

I love Nlp because he gives the chance to modelling the world and our own mind in order to achieve a specific outcome. We have to keep in mind that Nlp and Hypnosis are not exact science but a formidable discipline that can help anyone to achieve better results in Aikido or any other sport or in life in general.

And as Nlp student and Aikido newbie I believe that the more people approaches to these discipline the more the world can become a better place. Where people can be happier, healthier and wealthier.

And as long time Nlp student and new to Aikido I was wondering if any other techniques that can be applied in the Aikido from Nlp such: pace and leading, framing, matching and mirroring?

I have really enjoyed this thread.

You can be do anything with your use of your mind Nlp Techniques Guide
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