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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

If you don't care whether what you do is internal or external then it certainly begs the question why you take issue with someone saying your master has some power but isn't apparently internal. Makes no sense unless you feel what he is doing is internal...or feel that if it's not that's a bad thing.

And it's not talking straight out of one's ass when one notes the limitations of what one is saying, given observations just on Youtube, as I did. My statement wasn't bold, it was a considered judgment based on my familiarity with internal martial arts (and some external ones too). I may very well be wrong...ahh, hell, no I'm not!


Ashe Higgs wrote: View Post
my issue is, your making bold statements about what something is, or is not, with out having any direct experience of that thing. when my 11 year old does that i call her out for talking straight out of her @$$.

i had followed this topic anonymously until you threw out my Sifu's name with no experience of ILC, which is not something I'm prepared to let slide without calling you on it.

personally i couldn't care whether what I do is internal enough or not for the lineage queens. i make no distinction about "internal" or "external". tai chi is not yin or yang, it's yin/yang together. the point for me is, touch hands first, talk after.
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