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Re: Zukai Coach Aikido

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Thanks again. Just a quick question about the techniques presented in the series. Are the techniques similar to Hiden Mokuroku, Soden waza, or Prewar Aikido(Budo Renshu/Budo)? I'm a bit of an Daito ryu/Aikibudo junky(so forgive the questions)...!!! :0)
By the way, thanks for your very intresting blogs. Great job. If i'm ever in Hawaii...

The techniques he shows (mostly hand drawings) look pretty much like modern Aikido techniques - it seems he kept things pretty bland. I'll put up a few scans later. His students weren't terribly secretive, but they would only allow photography of a small portion of the Daito-ryu techniques - and it seems that this is the pattern that he followed in the book.



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