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Mike Sigman
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Re: The "love" schtick

Chuck Clark wrote: View Post
Well put George. So many people hope to gain so much and so many lose so much over the many different definitions/interpretations of the word "love.".
I think that's true and I also think it's true what George' and my friend had to say. So I enjoy watching the debate over the meaning of "aiki" just as much as I enjoy reading the interesting misunderstandings of "aiki" translations in well-thought-of Aikido books (in English).

To me it's all fun to watch. I think that the idea of "steal this technique" had a lot to do with the same idea when some of my teachers showed me something and said, "Understand?". I.e., you get it or you don't. If you get enough people banded together who 'understand', you move forward. If you get enough people banded together who don't really understand but who become teachers, the real essence of an art dies even though the name continues as a Name Brand (tm).


Mike Sigman
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