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Re: The "love" schtick

Sensei Ledyard,

I get what you're saying, but in the end, I'm still confused. If I understand Peter's columns on "Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation," then O Sensei was talking about "love" in the very specific context of the Kotodama and Japanese seed syllables and creation myths. Check out Peter's 14th column, for instance, for specific references to love.

So, fundamentally, his use of "love" and the understanding that so many of us have/had when reading his statements in English are very different. For instance, I always thought of a brotherly love when reading translations of O Sensei, and that concept did influence my technique to a certain extent.

So where does that leave us? What is/are the meaning(s) of "love" in the context of modern aikido? Is it different from what O Sensei thought? Is it the same as what his post-war students thought? How should that concept influence our practice of aikido? Is is possible to lovingly drop somebody into a nasty gokyo pin?

I'm asking, frankly, in total ignorance. I used to think with great conviction that I knew what aikido was all about from the spiritual end of things. Now I realize I have no idea.


-Drew Ames
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