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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Minimal Circle Throwing

Joseph Arriola wrote: View Post
MTL, Chris,

You are going to get criticism. Yet, you must keep going in your direction. explain it. I often use a bottle filled with water to explain how the technique works. The outside to the bottle or the skin does not move. But, the water inside the bottle changes its "center of gravity" as it is poured to the top or bottom of the tube (bottle).

As such, the placement of the "lever and fulcrum" does not change in the throw. But, the technique is different because the center of gravity changes.

Once you have this control...the throw seems effortless. In watching O Sensei "the standard" for us is being able to repeat his "effortless throws".

I already explained in the daito, Yoshinkan, taichi thread that when I have done the "tip of the iceberg" videos before, that I was making my circles large enough to see them. Now I made it as small as I can. I would call this "stickiness/push hands done from inside the body. Where there is movement within his spine, I fill it with water.. or to paraphrase Bruce Lee, "It fills with water", remember, "the hand hits" rather than I hit with my hand. You see, the more I get out of the way, gravity and my four other big brothers do the work. I like your imagery and I know you do this as well. I have felt it in your chinna and in your "center striking".
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