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I am contemplating LASIK surgery and have met with my eye doctor for an initial consultation. He mentioned that I fall into the 'perfect' category for the procedure - the right age, the right perscription, little to no stigmatism, etc. My understanding of the surgery involves an incision producing a flap over the eye. This is done in order for the laser to perform its task of shaving away the cornea to form the eye for correction. The flap is then put back into place and takes up to 6 months to fully heal. I am guessing that many of the forum readers are familiar with the procedure and some have undergone it. Literature on LASIK highly recommends that those who box not get the procedure done. Boxing is alot different than Aikido, I recognize this. However the readings suggest that the post LASIK eye is not as tolerant to incidental contact as it would be prior to the procedure(although a blow to the eye with or without LASIK is not fun!).

I am interested in hearing from folks who have had the procedure done. Has anyone had problems resulting from training (being poked in the eye) after the LASIK?

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