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Hi Robin,

interesting start to a thread (I don't think it will hit the numbers that the undying "Aikido does not work etc" thread has achieved ).

However, what you declare is "beginners mind" - we would all benefit from aspiring to this state.

So much here is written from the point of 'knowing' (or claiming to know).

What is it though, that you do not know? What is it that you do not understand? And how do you know that you don't know? Just a few curious questions.

enjoy your training,


Mark (who sometimes has more questions than answers)
Good questions. I don't know about IS for example. I've never met Dan etc. and I have no way to judge its value. Of course, that is just an example, and there are plenty of other things that I don't know or understand. I'm sure I don't know what half of them are yet.

The post was in response to a lot of the discourse in which many people claim that their way is best or that others don't understand. I thought I should just come out with it and say that, "no, I don't understand". There is nothing wrong with that, but I am enjoying my training and hopefully getting something out of it.

That pint sounds good, Mary. If I am ever up your way, let's get one.
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