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Re: Aikido, Martial Arts & Sparring

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
1. Fear of being hurt
I think we covered this one Pretty well. While getting hurt is always a risk with any physical activity, it's not a huge factor.

2. Fear that we are breaking with the "Aikido way"
We haven't touched to much on this one yet. But many might feel that sparring is against the ideals of Osensei. I'd like to hear more from the side that has this problem.

3. Fear that our system may fall apart politically
Again, we haven't touched too much on this. I would love to hear from those who have this fear.

4. Fear that our system may become something else.
My main argument for this is to simply find the context for that which Aikido is teaching to. If we understand where Aikido technique fits, this problem will be easily addressed.

5. Fear of the reality of the situation
As we said, this is just something you've got to get over. I think we all agree that learning to deal with this reality is the real benefit of a sparring practice.

6. Lack of understanding how to create a sparring practice
I think this relates largely to 4. I think a conversation on how we can create a sparring practice for Aikido would be a great place to take this discussion.

To all those who are reading this thread, are there any unvoiced concerns about having a sparring practice? Anything that you'd like to see discussed further? Any reasons why you're sure that we can't all spar with Aikido?
Yoshinkan and shodokan show different ways of how it could be done. But as I understand it, both of these styles also have competitions. Is it possible to spar well without introducing rules and competitions that turn aikido into a fighting sport?

You suggest that fear blocks this direction. But perhaps many of us choose a non fighting style of aikido because they/we just don't like fighting competitions.

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