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Re: Legacy and the Founder

Thank you all for the wonderful postings. Being a student of aikido and its history I find these things of interest. From all I've heard and read the above rememberances seem spot on. Of course a persons unique window always come into play but the pertinent stuff (IMHO) seems to fit with the first hand accounts that were relayed to me. In Virginia we are very fortunate to have a very good working relationship amongst the various schools of thought (Aikikai, Iwama, Ki Society). We have friendship seminars and attend each others organizational gatherings without any other thought but to 'just train'. I would say we have made it our business not to continue any carry over of past issues that separate aikido in practice.
That said being aware of the past issues shouldn't cause us reluctance to give serious thought to the how & why's but more importantly to continue to move aikido forward.
Being from NYC I've been exposed to the aikido of Yamada Sensei, Imaizumi Sensei, and the good people at Bond St. Upon moving to Northern Virginia I've trained primarily with instructors of Hawaiian decent. Reading the accounts of Ralph Glanstein and Tom 'Doc' Walker as well as Roy Suenaka and Imaizumi Sensei bio's gave me such a broader perspective on the culture of aikido in the US.
Maybe some of you have memories of Mr. Glanstein, Mr. Walker, and Virginia Mayhew. I'd love to hear them.
Thanks again to you all.
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