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Re: Legacy and the Founder

Gosh, Diana, I feel like that proverbial and fortunate fly on the wall, taking in the precious and priceless historical details contributed to date by Clark, Demetrio, George, Niall and of course, yourself. More, much more please!

The easy conversational flow of the contributing stories and perspectives received to date appear most appropriate and illuminating as a foundational narrative for the Aiki Web readership to enjoy. Perhaps, however, the formal gathering of key individuals, including the likes of Patty Saotome, Dennis Hooker etc., could actually produce a more organized and focused template for true historical reconstruction. Names like Peter Goldsbury, Stan Pranin, Clark Bateman amongst others come readily to mind in addressing such a project.

Of course, this would necessitate the identification and cooperation of those individuals with both first hand contact and detailed knowledge of the various greats of Aikido history in America. This could very well take several years or more, but who’s counting when it is clearly imperative to get it all down, and to get it all right.

Lest we err grievously, let us encourage similar projects from our brethren in Aiki residing in nations other than Japan and the United States. England and France especially, undoubtedly have treasure troves of historical relevance to uncover and to share with the rest of the interested Aikido world.

Thank you again, Diana, for being a catalyst and inspiration for us to ponder and to act upon with all due haste. This would be another example of building “bridges” for the Aikido faithful everywhere to cross together and share the Founder’s legacy, one awesome steward of Ueshiba Aiki at a time!

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