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Just one comment on 'compliant' ukes: yes, some just go where you want, either out of a sense that thay should, or being muscled there (us little folk). Some of them also go because they recognise that to stand there is to be open to atemi (whether or not this is what you all are meaning by non-physical atemi or not, I have no clue). But some of us, especially sized challenged, know better than to stand where we can get pounded by a much bigger nage, and get our body parts out of the way.

I can certainly say, when attacking Ledyard Sensei (or my current sensei) I am well aware any given limb of theirs holds more muscle mass than my entire body, and I do my best not to put the more delicate parts of that same body in the path of all that muscle mass. So from my point of view, compliant just means 'not too stupid to get out of the way of the fist'...something I've found not always true when I have a big uke (by this I do NOT mean Ledyard Sensei or my current sensei , both of whom move real quick for big guys )
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