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Re: Which Martial Art for Kids - Aikido / Taekwondo / Karate / Judo ...

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Some of them are into it, for a time at least. But they're kids. How many of them have the capability of developing effective fighting techniques? And, in the extremely unlikely case that a kid does so, (...)
well, I'm doing aikido for about 6 years, and I'am 14, you also said that most of the kids stop with aikido after a few months or so, well I am the living prove that what you said is wrong, so is about 1/4th of my dojo.

You also said that kids hardly can use the skills that they learned. I'm not sure (never needed to use it) but I think I could use some of the techniques that I have learned.

however I also see a lot of kids (6-8y old) aren't trying to learn aikido, and they are disturbing the discipline that we try to keep.

I am sometimes bullied at school but never seriously and I can always stop the bullying.
sorry for the writing mistakes but as I already said I am only 14 and raised dutch.
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