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Re: Tenchinage

It has been pointed out to me that my post may have appeared to sound dismissive of the video demonstration. It was not my intention and I apologize if it came across that way.

My comments with regards to the video echo Mark's post here:
Mark Murray wrote:
IMO, if you "MUST" move your feet to gain kuzushi, then that's jujutsu. Not aikido. Aiki captures center on contact and thus not a requirement for movement to gain kuzushi. Yes, movement is good and should be trained, but if you're relying 100% on movement to gain kuzushi, then that's jujutsu to me. (Again, nothing wrong with jujutsu. I'm not passing a good or bad judgment here.)
To further clarify, simply moving your captured wrist to uke's rear balance point and the other captured wrist to his face, to merely affect the spine is basic jujitsu. Nothing wrong with that. Merely rotating the wrists thru uke's connections to get to his spine is also basic jujitsu. Again, nothing wrong with that.

OTOH, splitting and projecting uke's forces up and down (tenchi) SO that his postural integrity is affected... is quite a different kettle of fish... and therein lies the subtle difference.

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