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We were going over tenchinage in class the other day and just a little while ago, coincidentally, I came upon this video:

I noticed that they're doing the technique slightly differently than we were. While they're focusing on breaking the opponent's balance by displacing at the spine and further using pressure at the opponent's face into their "dead space." The way they perform the technique, the shite is forced close into the opponent.

We were putting much more focus on the rotation of shite's hands, which caused the uke to lose themself. I actually played with this method on several people and found it to work really well.

Are we just practicing different styles or is one form "more correct" than another? Any idea which is more effective? I'm curious as to what the Aikido community has to think.
While I did not understand what you mean for by "rotation of shite's hands".
I disliked the video, as he got Uke into Kuzushi, for starters, he got himself imbalanced just as well - while Tori is imbalanced, he can hardly create more force then another. I prefer not to go into the very long list of additional things I disliked.

A further comment, to my understanding and experience, Doing a good unmoving Tenchi-Nage is much more difficult then doing a moving one. The latter requires more sensitivity to make Uke respond and Kuzushi.

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