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Re: Baseline skillset

No Fred its just more B.S to muddy the waters.The ways to do these basic things are known. Nothing is as funny as reading loooong diatribes that are really just so much drivvle, from folks who can't do this stuff in the first place. Why bother talking? I'd rather read opinions from those who thought they knew-then realized they didn't know. Or their views of how it is relevant to creating Aiki in Aikido.

Its nothing new though. Not pointing to Eric or anyone in particular.
Budo has always had its share of Eggheads who are full of theories and histories and facts who talk really, really, well. "We need to revew the Data. Can I have more data?" ..... but can't do shit.
Also teachers in love with the sound of their own voice who bore you to tears and leave a fraction of the class to learn. Sure explanations are rellevant, but last time I checked Takeda, Sagawa, Kodo, Ueshiba, and Mifune weren't knee deep in physics models. Find someone who will show and teach and learn.


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